Terms and conditions

1.- The platform undertakes to deliver the quantity demanded by the customer, if the purchase process has been completed successfully. 

2.- All the steps will be validated in each phase, the client knowing at all times what phase their order is in. 

3.- All the information and any personal data that the platform receives from the end customers on the occasion of the sale of the product will be used solely and exclusively for the management of the platform service and making the product available to the end customer, with any other use that is not related to said objects. 

4 .- The client, for the confirmation of his order, must pay before the 10% that will remain as payment and signal on the platform. 

5.- In the event that the client for any specific reason, renounces the order placed, the Platform will keep the entire amount for damages. 

6.- The product data sheet will be used as a product technical document when managing the purchase process. 

7.- The platform is not responsible for the condition of the merchandise or its possible health effects. The slaughterhouse that produces the merchandise is always responsible for said merchandise as well as its condition.